A little hotel on wheels…

My name is Jakke, short for Jan, hehe, right, short… the other hairy animal you see here is my dog, Berre

Longboarding is what I like best and so it is no wonder I quit my job to do just that. Every winter I leave Babylon to find peace and balance away from all the hypocrisy and life in the fast lane.

Each year I go to Morocco to look for good and chill longboard spots. I discovered a few all over the west coast of Europe down to West Sahara(Morocco). Which isn’t realy Morocco. Its the last colony in Africa since 1975, check out the website if you like.  http://www.sandblast-arts.org/.

By the end of october it’s leaving time again… I will drive down to Morocco in a few days because I plan on having my bus ‘pimped’. No man, not ‘fast and the furious’ style, just a simple paintjob. It will also be fitted out to be Jakke’s Bus….. A little hotel on wheels.

Without the strain of organised holidays and badly managed surfingclubs. I bring you what it’s all about: A chill atmosphere and the democracy where everyone can have a say in where we are heading next. All that in an old Mercedes 508 bus.

What do I suggest? Make reservations, available period: November and december are already fully booked so from the first of january till april 30 I still have some room. Map and prices: check the categories on the right. So if you are interested. Send me an email…



6 Responses to “A little hotel on wheels…”

  1. Kris Says:

    Jakke, I am definitely interested to book a holiday on your little hotel-on-wheels. Also road-trip holidays, for us mortal people who cannot surf, is an option?

    Cool blog btw, I hope we get to see lots of pictures and read little cool stories about your adventures. Take care and hopefully I’ll see you early next year.

  2. Machado Says:

    Ey Jakke,
    as r nog een gatje valt in de booking v ’08 ‘gimme a sign so i can catch the jakkebus in Berberland’.
    Vaya con dios

  3. jakkesbus Says:

    Yep, no problem man! We go where you like to go.
    When there are surfers on board we will surf, so I suggest to
    rent the bus all for yourself.
    More pictures wil come soon…

  4. Jakke Says:

    He Karl

    Ik zit nu in Dakhla
    DE bus zal hopenlijk nu zondag klaar zijn
    je kan bv nog naar hier komen en mee terug rijden langs de kust
    van wsahara me zalige surfspots
    ik moet 19 dec in Marakech zijn en van dan ist prive tot 5janue

    Greetz Jakke

  5. Renée Says:

    Hey Jan

    We zijn bij Jackie, kerstavond dus. Uw vader is er ook, alles ok! Heeft juist zijn tenen laten zien, joepie!
    Hoe ist ginder?

    Dikke kus,

    Jan en Renée.

  6. Joshua Says:

    Hey Jakke, I really like the idea of your trips, how many people have got room for onboard? Do you think you’ll be doing the same thing come next year?

    Regards, Joshua

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